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With this script you can create your own blogging social network.

The platform is not written on any framework, it is pure PHP, which makes it much easier to understand, edit and improve.

ViceSocial script uses Smarty to use multiple themes. And getext php to be able to translate it into several languages.

ViceSocial comes with a 3-module collor theme.

General Features:

Search Bar - Any visitor or user can search for articles or users by name or username

Secure registration / logging system - sensitive information is encrypted in the database.

Activation - activation of a new account is done using a code received by email.

Write an article - any user can write an article in any category.

- the writer can select if comments added by other users will be approved by him or automatically

Gallery - Any user has a photo gallery, once a user has uploaded a photo, they can find it in the gallery and reuse it in other articles.

- users have a storage limit set by admin

3 level-VIP - If a user buys a package that contains a VIP-level, they receive more space for their photo gallery.

-space for each level is set by admin

Package - the packages are created by the admin, the price, duration and contents of the package are set by the admin.

A package may contain:

- a picture

- a name

- vip level

- points

- verification badges

- duration

- price

Follow - when two users follow each other, they become friends. If the chat system is active, they can send private messages.

Trending Posts - Visitors and users can see the top 10 posts in a week's time

Points - If this system is enabled by admin, users can earn os lose points when the user:

-create / delete posts

-add comments / delete comments

-like posts

-When his posts gets likes

-When his post reaches a number of views (These values are set by admin)

-If a user earns enough points he can make a request to withdraw points in cash

Messages - If this system is enabled by admin, users can send private messages to friends

- Friends can send private messages, pictures and stickers

- When a user sends a private message, the receiver is notified by instantly

Rooms - If this system is activated by admin, any user can create a public or private room.

- If the room is public, any user can enter the room and chat.

- If the room is private, only users who know the room password can join conversation

- Admin Room

The room creator can:

-change room name or password

-offer/withdraw the moderator grade to other members

-kick users

-bann users

-delete a message or all messages

-Moderator Room

The room moderator can:

-kick users

-bann users

-delete a message or all messages

User settings - Any user can change their personal information, profile picture, etc.

Notifications - Any user can manage whether or not they want to receive notifications and how to receive notifications

Download Information - If the feature is enabled by admin, users can download their personal information

Delete Account - If the feature is enabled by admin, users can permanently delete their account

Reports - Any user can report another user or a post.

- When the report is reviewed by an admin or moderator, the complainant is notified by email with the reply.

Contact - If this system is activated, users or visitors can contact admin by email

PayPal - If this system is configured by admin, users can purchase packages through this payment method.

GDPR Consent - If this system is enabled, visitors are informed about GDPR

Pages - The administrator can create, edit, delete public pages that any visitor / user can read.

Avatar Creator - Any user can create their own custom avatar


A moderator can:

-edit posts

-delete posts

-approve comments

-deny comments

-delete comments

-review reports


Push notification - with Firebase

Email notification

Tracking Code

Admin - An admin can edit or configure anything. More details the pictures below

PRO Support - $20 per hour

For developers: If you want to edit this script and want to resell it, is posible if a 2000$ tax is payed.

You will receive a free update.

Free one-time installation and setup (Web and Android TWA)

Free ticket support - for life

Demo: Web, Android

$15 off will be applied at checkout (Code IZ3CDSY)
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